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Heilongjiang transformer manufacturers talk about the capacity of transformers

Heilongjiang transformer manufacturers talk about the capacity of transformers. Liaoning Hengcheng Electric Co., Ltd. has strong technical strength and perfect special equipment. For many years, it has provided high-quality power transformers and various special transformers to the power, metallurgy, mining and chemical industries inside and outside the province, which has been trusted and praised by users. Based on the verification of ISO 9001 quality system, it controls the whole process from raw materials entering the factory to finished products leaving the factory with advanced technology and perfect quality assurance system, and enjoys a high reputation in the market with considerate after-sales service. Xu Zimo, the general manager, is willing to share with colleagues from all walks of life that the operating temperature of transformers has a lot to do with their service life. The transformer operates under the normal temperature of 95 ℃, and its service life is 20A; If the temperature rises to 110 ℃, the service life will be shortened to seven years; If the temperature rises to 130 ℃, its service life will be shortened to two years; The transformer will be scrapped if it continues to operate at a temperature of 1700 ℃ for about D. The zero temperature exceeds the allowable value of the transformer. The new plant area of the company is equipped with perfect transformer production equipment such as silicon steel sheet longitudinal shear and transverse shear automatic shear lines, high and low voltage automatic numerical control winding machine, foil winding machine, heat conduction vacuum drying tank, vacuum oiling equipment, amorphous alloy strip automatic shear line, amorphous iron core constant temperature annealing furnace, 20t traveling crane, as well as power frequency withstand voltage tester, induction withstand voltage tester The production conditions of high and low voltage complete sets of test equipment such as the comprehensive electrical performance test bench can fully meet the production needs of various types of power transformers at the level of 10 kV and 35 kV. We should find out the causes and take countermeasures in time. Whether the oil level of the distribution transformer of the transformer manufacturer is normal, whether there is leakage, oil leakage or abnormal oil color, there are many reasons for the decline of the oil level. The method recommended by the transformer manufacturer is to select the capacity of the distribution transformer according to the maximum load Smax and the typical daily load curve predicted by the load, and according to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard (1972) - the oil immersed spline is placed on the two supports of the fixed machine tool of the experimental machine and the load guidelines. This standard has been adopted by China. The advantage of this method is that the normal overload capacity of the transformer is considered, and the set capacity of the transformer is fully utilized without shortening the service life of the transformer. From reducing investment and improving the operating conditions of power distribution, its economic benefits are also significant. Although the development of transformer energy-saving standard policy in China started late, it has a fast pace. With the further revision and promotion of distribution transformer energy efficiency standards, it will be at the same level as the highest energy efficiency standards of developed countries in the world. The capacity of transformer is selected on the basis of load statistics. Since it is difficult to predict the load accurately, it is generally selected according to the expected maximum load. As a result of this selection, the capacity setting is often too large, which has an adverse impact on the operation of the power system. When the alternating current passes through the transformer winding, a normal and uniform "buzzing" sound will be generated due to the natural vibration of the iron core. In case of abnormal sound, it is necessary to find out the cause and report to the relevant departments in time. The sound of the transformer is also different when it is unloaded and when it is loaded. According to the characteristics of abnormal sound, it can be put into operation after finding out the cause. Overload operation of transformer refers to that the load current exceeds the rated current of transformer

I Possible reasons for the increased noise: the installation level of the tripod centrifuge is damaged, and the shock absorption system is damaged; The feeding flow is uneven, and the drum is eroded by materials for a long time; The friction part is not filled with relevant lubricant; The liquid outlet is blocked, etc. Treatment method: check whether the tripod centrifuge is placed horizontally and whether the shock absorption column angle of the centrifuge is intact; Feeding evenly, the feeding method should be to start the machine to full speed, and then feed evenly from small to large; The solid and liquid in the material should be mixed evenly, and there should be no large lump solid. Check whether there is a large amount of bonded dry material in the drum, and entrust the manufacturer to conduct dynamic balance test; Add lubricant to the rotor bearing; Check whether the liquid outlet is blocked, which will make the drum rotate in the liquid, thus increasing friction and noise. II Possible reasons for the high temperature rise of the main shaft: the clamping part of the sample end and the shape of the collet are designed respectively, the lubricating grease added by the factory has been used up, there are small sundries between the main shaft bearings, and the machine speed is too high, exceeding the design capacity. Treatment: open the spindle, add grease, clean the spindle bearing, and use the centrifuge according to the factory standard speed. III Possible reasons for the high temperature rise of the motor: the machine load is too heavy, the motor speed is too high, and the treatment of the design defects of the circuit itself: check whether it operates according to the relevant load, and use the motor at the normal speed. If everything is normal, but the temperature is still rising, please contact the motor manufacturer for replacement. The tripod centrifuge is a high-speed equipment, and generally the materials processed are corrosive materials. In the long-term use process, it is necessary to timely check whether all parts of the machine are normal, and replace them if necessary, so as to prevent unsafe accidents

the transformer is composed of iron core and coil Transformer coil is divided into primary coil and secondary coil When alternating current is applied to the primary coil The transformer core generates an alternating magnetic field The secondary coil induces alternating current with the same frequency as the primary coil The number of turns ratio of transformer coil is equal to the voltage ratio For example, the primary coil of a transformer is 880 turns The second is eight or eight circles Connect the voltage of 220 V at the primary level The secondary will output AC voltage of 22 v The transformer can not only reduce voltage but also increase voltage Long distance transmission generally uses transformers to raise the voltage It is wrong to use a DC transformer to reduce the voltage we need at the place where electricity is used Direct current cannot change voltage To change the voltage of direct current, first use electronic components to change direct current into alternating current, and then use a transformer to change the voltage This device is called inverter If the permanent magnet is completely surrounded by a pure iron cover without touching each other, even if the iron needle is closer to the pure iron cover, it cannot be sucked up. This is because copper plate or thick paperboard is a non-magnetic material, and the magnetic induction line can pass through them without obstruction, so the iron needle arouses the vitality of the industry and is easy to attract. Iron plate is a magnetic material, which has a large permeability and good magnetic conductivity. Most of the magnetic induction lines entering the iron plate in Yunnan Transformer Factory are concentrated in the iron plate. The pure iron is made into a shield, and the permanent magnet is closed. Most of the magnetic induction lines of the permanent magnet are concentrated in the pure iron shield. The shield is about thick, and the better the shielding effect. If the permanent magnet or other objects that can generate a magnetic field are placed outside the pure iron shielding cover, the magnetic induction line outside the cover can basically not enter the cover, and the objects inside the cover can also be free from the influence of the magnetic field outside the cover, so as to achieve the purpose of shielding

Liaoning Hengcheng Electric Co., Ltd. has a complete range of products with strong compatibility. The enterprise has strong technical strength and perfect special equipment. Over the years, it has provided high-quality power transformers and various special transformers to the power, metallurgy, mining, chemical and other industries inside and outside the province, and has been trusted and praised by users. General manager Xu Zimo is willing to encourage colleagues from all walks of life. Heilongjiang transformer manufacturers talk about the capacity of transformers

Harbin transformer manufacturers talk about the capacity of transformers. Liaoning Hengcheng Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional transformer factory restructured and combined by the power transformer branch of the former Yifa Transformer Co., Ltd. our company has a complete range of products and strong compatibility. Over the years, the enterprise has provided high-quality power transformers and various special transformers to the power, metallurgy, mining, chemical and other industries inside and outside the province, which have been trusted and praised by users

compared with the traditional knowledge exchange platform, this platform has the following advantages: fast access to information, large amount of information, strong interaction and low cost. These characteristics are not available in traditional knowledge exchange platforms. ZG power automation is to use this interactive way to pave a bridge for everyone, so that all friends can make common progress and improvement in technology

in summer, the transformer is usually more than three times that of other times, and there are many hidden troubles for transformers in many times. In summer, the transformer should be tested in all aspects, especially for the lack of transformer oil. The hot weather and heavy workload are a more important reason for the frequent loss of transformer oil. Once the transformer oil is missing, there will be one or another problems, and the consequences are unimaginable. How to check when transformer oil is in shortage?

soft magnetic composite material has now become a major development direction of magnetic core materials for high-frequency electronic transformers. Compared with traditional soft magnetic ferrite and soft magnetic alloy, its magnetic metal particles or films can be distributed in non-conductor and other materials, which significantly reduces high-frequency loss and improves the working frequency. At the same time, its processing technology can be processed into powder cores by hot pressing method, and can also be injected into magnetic cores with complex shapes by using the current plastic engineering technology. It has the characteristics of low density, light weight, high production efficiency, low cost, good product repeatability and consistency, etc. Different proportions can also be used to change the magnetism. The example of composite material composed of soft magnetic ferrite and permalloy has been introduced above. Now, soft magnetic composite powder core with working frequency of more than 10 kHz has been developed, which can replace soft magnetic ferrite in high-frequency filter inductors

the oil used in the transformer should be treated professionally. Most of the time, the transformer oil is treated on the basis of crude oil. Because the transformer oil used in the transformer is relatively high, the quality must be good. The manufacturer is constantly treating it on the basis of the transformer oil, especially when using the transformer oil, we must ensure that the quality is qualified and all kinds of chemical properties must be stable. Generally speaking, transformer manufacturers should carry out the following steps when dealing with transformer oil; 1、 Pressure filtration method: the insulating oil used for power transformers must have insulating properties and thermal conductivity (national standard). At the installation site, pressure filtration method is commonly used to complete the general drying (moisture removal) and purification (dirt removal) of insulating oil. 2、 Open valves 8 and 11, then start the oil pump, and then open valves 6 and 7. When stopping the oil, first close six and seven, then stop the oil pump, and then close the valves of eight and eleven. (2) during normal operation, the pressure gauge works normally under the pressure of 3 * 10 ~ 4 * 10 Pa. if impurities and oil paper are blocked, the pressure increases. When the pressure reaches 6 * 10 Pa, it must be stopped and the filter paper must be replaced. ⑶ put the filter paper in an oven at 80-90 ℃ for 24 hours before use, and put it in a clean container. (4) filter. Clean it every 10-15 hours. At the beginning, filter the oil. Within three to five minutes, the oil outlet hole is sent back to the waste oil tank through valve 10 for re filtration. The oil stored in the oil filter is sent back to the waste oil system through valve 9 for re filtration. The above filtered oil should be essence and dried for many times until it is qualified. 3、 Live oil filtering of transformer: ⑴ when the voltage is higher than zero V, live oil filtering should not be used. Because during filtration, more bubbles will be generated, and the bubbles will be free under the action of higher voltage, which will deteriorate the insulation performance of the oil and lead to internal discharge. When conducting live oil filtration, regularly relay the gas

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