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On the skills of pasting paperback with paperboard in the linkage production line

when pasting the back of the book with paperboard in the binding linkage production line, it is important to rewind and cut the book according to the length of the book before using it. When manually and semi mechanically pasting the paper on the back of the book, first boil the paperboard in a special container for 8 hours, and then before using the foam, cut the paperboard into a sheet that is the same as the length of the book (the length of the wool book) or about 10mm long, and about 10 ~ 20mm wider than the whole bundle of books (depending on the depth of the storage, the thickness of each stack of paperboard depends on the depth of the storage). Put it into the heating storage, add a small amount of animal glue and heat it for boiling. After about 8 hours, the paperboard can be used after it is boiled thoroughly. The purpose of adding animal glue is that when cutting the book, the cutting mark cannot be used as a kind of packaging material to commercialize it. This process adopts the qp1 liquid silica gel (LSR) post line of Dow Corning company

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