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Talking about the sustainable development of enterprises from the perspective of labels and stickers

as one of the industries that produce high pollution to the environment, the printing industry is the general trend to save resources, improve efficiency, and realize green printing and sustainable development. The global self-adhesive label Association FINAT said that sustainability is a priority for label buyers. The label industry is keen to streamline business and production processes, and hopes to reduce costs and improve profitability by providing sustainable solutions to customers

face changing characteristics of daily chemical labels

in the sustainable development strategy of enterprises, innovation is the core, and the core issue of enterprises is efficiency. Efficiency requires not only institutional guarantee, but also continuous innovation. Only enterprises that constantly innovate can ensure the sustainability of their benefits, that is, the sustainable development of enterprises. For daily chemical enterprises, due to the particularity of selling dreams, hopes and fashions, they need to rely on packaging (containers) and labels to achieve most of their goals, attract consumers to buy products, improve enterprise efficiency and achieve sustainable development

therefore, in order to realize the sustainable development of the enterprise, the label buyer, that is, the end user, expects to work together with the label printing enterprise to obtain fashionable, high-quality, multifunctional, low-cost and extraordinary value labels and stickers

with the intensifying competition in the daily chemical market and the soaring costs, and consumers are new and tired of old, they all like innovative products, which has led to the rapid change of labels. The brand labels and stickers of domestic and foreign daily chemical enterprises show the characteristics of changefulness, fickleness and rapid change. Especially in the past year, whether international brands or local brands, their product concept, container, packaging design, label and labeling face changing speed and frequency are unimaginable in the past

of course, the health daily chemical industry chain of Baiya International Group (including private brands and odm/oem) is not included: whether it is private brands such as piaoying and Kong Fengchun, or odm/oem customers of Watsons and Sibao daily chemical, the face change of labels and stickers due to the change of product packaging and concept has become the norm. Because only by constantly changing face can we improve product image, enhance market competitiveness, alleviate cost pressure through new products, effectively curb losses and control economic risks, and finally achieve enterprise (brand) benefits, so that enterprises (brands) can achieve sustainable development, and the energy used accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy. One enterprise suffered administrative punishment because of this

requirements for label printing enterprises

the changeable, changeable and fast changing characteristics of daily chemical labels force label end users to constantly innovate, requiring label printing enterprises to quickly provide fast, good, simple and low-cost green labels. In order to achieve this difficult goal, we will inevitably choose to cooperate with label printing enterprises that can provide sustainable development

first of all, it is necessary to meet the changing, changeable and fast changing needs of daily chemical labels

on the basis of the changing, changeable and fast changing needs of daily chemical labels, label end users have increasingly high requirements for high-quality, multi-functional and low-cost labels. To this end, label end users need to seek joint cooperation with label printing enterprises that have made achievements in combined printing, digitalization, intelligent printing, new materials, new processes, etc. For example, the powerful digital combination printing can meet the needs of enterprises (brands) for short edition, small batch, personalization and short delivery cycle of label printing. This may be one of the reasons why some backward label printing enterprises can develop rapidly and even defeat the old brand printing enterprises by virtue of digital combined printing machinery and technology

of course, old label printing enterprises can also make efforts in production technology and management by improving production equipment to achieve efficient and rapid excellent performance. At the same time, it can also reduce the waste of resources in the whole production and supply chain, and achieve the sustainable development goal of green, environmental protection and conservation in the label industry and even the whole printing industry

secondly, to meet the needs of daily chemical labels for simplicity and ease of use, low cost, and green environmental protection. In the current market competition, it is not enough to meet the needs of short edition, small batch, personalization, and short delivery cycle of label printing, but also to meet the needs of daily chemical labels for simplicity and ease of use, low cost, and green environmental protection. In this way, the beautiful products produced by label end users can meet the requirements of fashion, personality, low cost and good quality, so as to ensure that the products have sufficient market competitiveness and profitability, and finally realize the sustainable development of the enterprise. 2. It is best to equip computers

in order to ensure the quality of labels and stickers, that is, 7:1.5:1.5, daily chemical enterprises will have considerable requirements in terms of label materials, inks, glues, etc., so as to meet the requirements of brand product market competition for labels, especially for international brands and high-end products. For example, the labels of washing and care products require excellent water resistance because they are placed in wet toilets for a long time; In order to meet the international environmental protection requirements, the label printing ink is required to be non-toxic and tasteless water-based ink, while making the label color saturated and not fade and fade; However, if the label cannot be stuck firmly, stably or unevenly, the product naturally cannot survive, resulting in a high scrap rate in the labeling process. Therefore, we must use glue with high viscosity of the label glue

label is the mark of brand, and brand is the mark of product. Under the general trend of saving resources, improving efficiency, realizing green printing and sustainable development in the printing industry, the constant innovation of modern enterprises leads to the changeable, changeable and fast change of labels. Label end users and label printing enterprises will jointly create fashionable, high-quality, multi-functional, low-cost and extraordinary value labels, effectively improve product image, enhance market competitiveness and improve profits, Finally, realize the sustainable development of the enterprise (brand)

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