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Sterile filling line fills the gap in Lanzhou

Lanzhou manor dairy in Gansu Province invested 40million yuan to introduce world-class testing projects from Sweden: tensile stress, tensile strength, constant elongation stress, constant stress elongation, breaking strength, elongation after fracture, yield strength, yield point elongation, yield point tensile stress, tear strength, peel strength, puncture strength, flexural strength Ultra high temperature instantaneous sterilization UHT and aseptic filling production lines with elastic modulus and other levels have been put into operation recently. According to reports, the production and use of the project completely filled the historical gap of no high-grade dairy products in the real estate dairy products in Lanzhou, the province. This production line is the third production line introduced by China after Tianjin Parmalat company and Beijing Sanyuan company. It is reported that this technology can quickly reach the instantaneous high temperature of 135 ℃ within 3 seconds, and thoroughly sterilize the edible fresh milk, which not only ensures that the nutritional components of milk are not destroyed, but also greatly improves the freshness of milk. The heat preservation period at room temperature can reach 30 days

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