The hottest sterile packaging market is booming

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Aseptic packaging market is booming

fro in addition, St Sullivan survey report believes that the aseptic packaging market is constantly developing. With the gradual slowdown of the growth rate of paperboard or carton packaging, film packaging and rigid plastic packaging have become a rapidly growing market

the survey package predicts that the total revenue of the sterile packaging market in the United States will increase at a rate of 3.4% per year

compared with cardboard, the growth rate of soft and hard plastic packaging is faster. It is estimated that due to environmental protection measures, the total sales of paperboard packaging will reach US $277.6 million in 2011, with an annual growth rate of 0.8%. The total sales of soft and hard plastic packaging will reach 198million US dollars in 2011, with an annual growth rate of 7%. The total sales volume of sterile plastic packaging market will reach US $62.4 million in 2011, with an annual growth rate of 6.7%. When reaching the limit of 1,

the report also points out in detail the driving force and resistance of market development. In addition, the report also suggests that since sterile packaging is the mainstream of the future market, manufacturers should strive to bear the high cost of purchasing materials and installing sterile equipment. The high cost of aseptic packaging is due to the low efficiency of equipment and the high skill requirements for operators

recently, packaging strategies in the United States also published the book "aseptic packaging in the United States: systems, installation and trends in the food and beverage market". The main points include:

◆ the total number of manufacturers using aseptic filling in the United States is 558

◆ 28 of every 33 aseptic filling equipment are installed in the United States

◆ the annual total retail sales of sterile packaging in the United States is close to $12billion

◆ sterile packaging will complete the transformation from high acid food to low acid food

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