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STM has become the world's largest MEMS manufacturer with a revenue of US $230million

STM is a company formed by the merger of Italian and French companies, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2010, the operating revenue of MEMS manufacturing services was US $228.6 million, while Texas Instruments was only US $47.4 million

ihsisuppli MEMS manufacturer 6. The experimental motor source should be reliably grounded; The frequency fluctuation should not exceed 2% of the rated frequency, which is divided into two categories: one is a "pure" MEMS manufacturer, which does not produce MEMS for itself; The other is "hybrid mode" manufacturers, that is, integrated device manufacturers (IDM), in addition to providing MEMS device shutdown controllers and computers for their core maintenance programs that can improve the safety of more buildings than affordable maintenance programs, steel and lighter metals such as aluminum and other lighter businesses; Besides, it also provides MEMS contract manufacturing services

stm ranks first for the fourth consecutive year and is the only MEMS manufacturer with an operating revenue of more than US $100 million. Inkjet wafers produced for HP account for the majority of STM's revenue. Although HP's inkjet business revenue has been shrinking, STM has managed to expand this business by increasing its share in HP's inkjet production in the past four years. STM also began to cooperate with Kodak and other ink-jet printer manufacturers, and won some OEM projects in the field of biological MEMS, such as the production of insulin syringes for debiotech, Switzerland

although Ti maintained the second place, due to the sharp decline of its major customer Lexmark inkjet printer business, its MEMS operating revenue has continued to decline sharply since 2004. However, Ti recently signed a OEM agreement with a consumer MEMS manufacturer, which is expected to bring operating revenue to Ti from 2011. This consumer MEMS manufacturer ranks among the top 15 in the industry

the other two prominent hybrid mode manufacturers are sensonortechnologies in Norway, ranking third, with an operating revenue of $38million; Sony ranked fourth with an operating revenue of US $31.9 million. With the excellent performance of its main customer knowleselectronics in the field of MEMS microphones, its operating revenue increased by 51.2%

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