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Stick to the production of machines and tools for 20 years, add the magic attraction of "made in China"

stick to the production of machines and tools for 20 years, add the magic attraction of "made in China"

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"at first, an encounter with caterpillar, the world's top enterprise, has made Bart machinery work machines and tools adhere to quality-oriented and technology priority for more than 20 years, adding attraction to" made in China " On the eve of the Spring Festival, Gao Erqing, chairman of Xuzhou Bart Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., said

the first-line welding team learned from other countries to be a "teacher"

on the same day, the author walked into Xuzhou Bart Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. the first thing I saw was the thick and vicissitudes of the "but" giant factory logo, rows of clean and tidy plants standing in the park like factory. With the door of the workshop slowly opened, modern production lines showed one after another. In the huge workshop, different stations were orderly distributed, and many intelligent robot arms were welded with precision components processed overseas by Bart machinery

the welding manipulator is operating the welding robot

the author noticed that a red banner was hung on the wall in one corner of the workshop, which read "2017 Bart's sixth welding skills competition". Li Tao, the leader of the large excavation team of the second branch, is proud to say that the welding technicians of the company have won the first prize in the caterpillar global purchaser welding comprehensive skills competition for four consecutive years, and the overall level of the welding team has reached international first-class by randomly selecting employees. More than ten years ago, the company sent staff abroad to learn welding technology. Now foreign peers have come to Xuzhou to observe and learn Bart's welding manufacturing technology

supporting the production of multinational enterprises from "big money" to "big names"

it is understood that the predecessor of "Bart" is XCMG export machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd., which was established in 1995. At that time, it was the test point of XCMG group's international integration, and some will be many times higher. In terms of image, it is somewhat similar to the Shenzhen Special Zone in the early days of China's reform and opening up. In the early 1990s, XCMG group had considerable strength in China, but its product R & D ability and international competitiveness were insufficient. It took the initiative to cooperate with large international multinational companies and was able to 2 Drive to achieve win-win results for both parties

welding personnel are working

however, in that year, in addition to XCMG group, Liugong group also intended to undertake caterpillar's product support, and its strength was also very strong. In order to win the investment of American caterpillar company in Xuzhou, Xuzhou transferred the best operating workers in XCMG group and set up a pilot plant in the yard of XCMG heavy duty company, with an initial investment of 500000 yuan

Gao Erqing, who was born as a welding technology engineer, was fortunate to be selected to establish this new company. Together with several core technicians, he was once sent by the factory to Japan and Germany for research and training of construction machinery manufacturing technology, and then sent to Caterpillar in the United States to participate in professional technical training and learning of excavators, bulldozers and other products

in the initial stage of the company, in addition to XCMG's investment of 500000 yuan, there is still a huge capital gap. For the trial production and production of products, the company used high interest rate financing to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise. During the international financial crisis in 2009, the company reviewed the situation and made decisive decisions to implement the joint-stock reform. In 2010, Xuzhou bate Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was officially established as a private joint-stock enterprise funded by employees and other natural persons

the company has grown from 17 people at the beginning of its establishment to a factory with nearly 1000 people today, and the company has more than 100 technology R & D teams. At present, the company has been approved by the state as the technology research and development center of construction machinery work tools in Jiangsu Province, and has obtained 49 national approved patents, with an annual output value of more than 600 million. The bucket shovel production line with an annual output of 100000 sets and the upper frame assembly production line of hydraulic excavators with an annual output of 50000 sets have been internationally leading

"for more than 20 years, Bart has insisted on meeting the needs of customers, developing steadily and giving priority to quality assurance. At present, caterpillar is our main customer, and we are gradually developing other high-quality customers such as multinational companies." Chairman Gao Erqing said that in recent years, under the influence of economic downward pressure, many manufacturing enterprises have chosen to close down or shrink, while Bart has bucked the trend

Bart is the first supplier in China to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with caterpillar of the United States. At present, it has followed several multinational companies such as Caterpillar to realize the internationalization strategy. Xingbat (Thailand) company is the first overseas production base established by bat company in Thailand. It and caterpillar jointly layout and expand the market before that. In order to meet the rapid development of the North American market, the company will establish overseas after-sales service centers in the United States and Canada

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