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The benefits brought by the technical transformation of gear quenching auxiliary equipment

this paper introduces the technical transformation of gear quenching auxiliary equipment in a mechanical equipment manufacturing plant in Anshan, which overcomes various disadvantages of the original quenching auxiliary equipment and increases the use function, so as to greatly improve the production efficiency and improve the safety at work

I. overview

with the development of modern science and technology, various mechanical equipment has replaced more and more manpower, and its safety performance has increased accordingly, creating more value. However, it is not difficult for us to find that while all kinds of mechanical equipment work, the role of auxiliary equipment is also huge. The relationship between main equipment and auxiliary equipment is mutual coordination, mutual cooperation and indispensable. The so-called auxiliary equipment is the supplement to the functions of the main equipment of the machine, the service of the main equipment, and the main equipment of the machine are interdependent. Without the help of auxiliary equipment, the year-on-year increase of 3.8% will greatly reduce the work efficiency of the main equipment of the machine, and more human, material and financial resources will have to be invested. The design and manufacture of auxiliary equipment must be matched with the design and manufacture of corresponding main mechanical equipment. In most cases, it is one-to-one correspondence. Its design does not need to be very complex, as long as it can complete the corresponding auxiliary functions

II. Application status of auxiliary equipment

in a machinery manufacturing plant in Anshan, when medium-sized parts (such as gears with a diameter of 50 in China that are still in industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, which have greatly helped the acceptance of our pure water facilities, environmental protection standards and product quality improvement in the development stage, 0 ~ 800mm) are quenched, the quenching auxiliary equipment is basically idle, Five or six workers are often busy around the quenching equipment. A crane, heavy steel rope hanging medium-sized parts, is heated before quenching equipment. Three workers turned the parts left and right, and the other workers dragged the water pipe to cool. It can be seen that the safety is very poor, and the working accuracy is low, and a lot of manpower and material resources have been invested. When quenching large parts, the use of quenching auxiliary equipment takes up a lot of space, it is difficult to move, the operation is limited, and the waste water splashes cross flow. Therefore, it is imperative to study the transformation of quenching auxiliary equipment

(I) schematic diagram of working principle before transformation (Figure 1)

(II) problems in production

in the heat treatment workshop, it is not difficult for us to see some disadvantages in the quenching process of medium and large parts. For example, the old equipment takes up a large space, is bulky, and has poor mobility. It invests a lot of human resources. In the gear quenching process, the positioning accuracy is not high, and the following faults are easy to occur in the quenching process: the overall structure is not balanced, which will cause the local bearing capacity of the quenching equipment to be too large, that is, "instability"; The quenching auxiliary equipment itself has no lifting capacity, which increases the difficulty of personnel work; The lower part of the old equipment is fixed by steel rails, which limits the moving space, and there is eccentricity, resulting in slippage between the pulley and the slide rail; In the process of gear cooling, water resources have not been effectively recycled; Low positioning accuracy

(III) transformation principle

overall planning, distributed implementation, and innovation. After the transformation, the process and equipment have reached a high level, which is in line with the national industrial policy

III. transformation contents and characteristics

transformation of auxiliary equipment is studied from the following aspects: Transformation of mobile device, transformation of braking device, increase of lifting device, design of self-locking device, and double positioning device

(I) schematic diagram of working principle after transformation (Fig. 2)

(II) transformation content

through the analysis of the problems of old equipment, the transformation measures are put forward:

1. Design an auxiliary equipment for heat treatment and quenching of large and medium-sized parts, which can realize the quenching auxiliary equipment of rotation, vertical lifting, horizontal movement and positioning

2. In order to overcome the shortcomings that the existing quenching auxiliary equipment has no lifting function and cannot move in any direction in the horizontal plane, the quenching auxiliary equipment can not only rotate and position, but also conveniently realize lifting, moving and braking in any direction in the horizontal plane

3. set hydraulic circuit and lever device in the insulating inner shell. When the lever is pressed by hand, the mechanical energy is transformed into pressure energy through the hydraulic system, and the pressure energy is transformed into mechanical energy through the hydraulic system to drive the load and realize the lifting and braking movement of the actuator

4. set the positioning device, put the quenched parts on the chuck, and adjust the stretching rod and the positioning device according to the size of the parts to realize the positioning function. Rotate the fixture device by rotating the thrust bearing. At the lower end of the support seat, a universal wheel device is installed to achieve movement and braking in the horizontal plane

5. In view of the waste of water resources, the equipment appearance is newly designed to form a V-shaped groove, and stainless steel materials are selected. Practice has proved that more than 95% of water resources are recovered

(III) characteristics and innovation after transformation

the quenching auxiliary equipment after transformation has strong applicability and Innovation:

1. The introduction of hydraulic transmission design improves the stability and compact structure

2. compared with the previous design, it has advantages. During the quenching process of fixture clamping parts, it can rotate according to the demand, and it can also be lifted according to the demand. It can be used for stretching, tightening, bending, tearing, shearing, 180 degree peeling, 90 degree peeling experiments, lowering and moving, so as to facilitate the quenching work

3. water recovery system is added to protect the environment

4. Reduce the labor intensity of workers

5. The transformation cycle is short, the investment is small, and the effect is fast

IV. investment estimation and application prospects

(I) investment estimation

transform medium and large quenching auxiliary equipment, using cast iron and stainless steel as the main processing materials, and its processing has no special requirements. The hydraulic system is standardized without special components. The total investment is 40000 ~ 50000 yuan, with low cost, quick effect and short cycle

(II) application prospect

the transformation of quenching auxiliary equipment has the advantages of less investment, wide working range, high efficiency, reduced floor area and increased lifting function. For a machinery factory in Anshan now, it can be put into use as long as the slideway and body in both directions of the original quenching auxiliary equipment are cancelled and the equipment with walking device, braking device and lifting device is installed

at present, due to the demand of quenching work, many small and medium-sized machining plants and heat treatment workshops in China have been built and planned to be built, including the upgrading of existing quenching auxiliary equipment, which has a broad application prospect


after our in-depth market investigation and practice, it is proved that through the technical transformation of the old equipment, the new quenching auxiliary equipment will achieve very good results when applied in the heat treatment workshop. Compared with the old quenching equipment, it has many advantages. The system has flexible movement and strong stability, and can realize arbitrary movement and positioning in horizontal and vertical directions, which will liberate a lot of human resources and create more economic value. This equipment has reached the domestic advanced level in terms of production effect and technology. The transformation of gear quenching auxiliary equipment will undoubtedly become localized and widely used, which can be said to be a model of auxiliary equipment

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