The hottest sticking point under the shadow of Ebo

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Sinotruk Africa representative office: there will be a stop in the middle after Ebola is unloaded

sinotruk Africa representative office: adherence in the shadow of Ebola

China Construction machinery information

since the outbreak of Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Guinea in March this year, sinotruk Africa has been stationed in Ghana The staff of the representative offices in Senegal and Nigeria were not deterred from directly participating in the reaction with lignin as a monomer, but were more calm and rational to do all kinds of preparedness work, stick to the service area and serve the products of users

Representative Office of China National Heavy Duty Truck Africa Department: persistence under the shadow of Ebola

within a short time after the outbreak of the epidemic, the representative offices, according to the requirements of import and export companies and the African Department, quickly launched the emergency plan, formulated and implemented some simple countermeasures. In order to master the first-hand market information, recently, members of the Ghana representative office went to three mining areas in Togo to understand the local use of mining overlord vehicles, and carefully analyzed and recorded the existing problems. A user, a mine overlord, fell into soft soil with a large inclination angle due to an accidental operation error. The members who had followed the local manager of Togo on his return rushed back to the scene immediately after hearing the news and tried to drag the mine overlord up from the pit with the crowd. At first, an excavator was used to drag the excavation bucket deep into the large box of the dump truck and out of the pit. At the same time, a bulldozer pushed forward behind the truck, but the dragging failed because the wheels were deeply sunk. Then an excavator is mobilized from another mining area, placed in front of the mine car, and pulled out of the pit together. After more than an hour of hard work, the harvester was finally towed out. After inspection, the vehicle is OK, only one straight link is pulled and deformed, and the part can be replaced later. At this time, the sky was completely dark, and the members of the representative office began to leave. There should be no problem returning to their residence outside the two hours' drive

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