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Stiglitz: the special tire protection case is almost U.S. protectionism. U.S. President Barack Obama decided on the 11th to impose a three-year punitive tariff on all car and light truck tires imported from China

global finance connect interviewed Stiglitz, a famous economist and Nobel laureate, on the special guarantee case of stock rotation

global finance connect: what's your opinion about American tire manufacturers urging Chinese tire manufacturers? Do Chinese tires really affect the interests of American durometer units and manufacturers

Stiglitz: in this case, the tire industry, like other manufacturing industries, has many problems. The reasons for some problems are obvious. Our automobile industry is suffering a huge impact, and the sales of tire enterprises will encounter difficulties. There is no doubt that the tire industry has indeed suffered a shock, and the United States' imports from China are indeed increasing, but most of them are to replace the imports of other countries. Manufacturers only find the lowest price tire supplier, and it is difficult to say that China's exports are the root cause of the problem. Unfortunately, the International Trade Commission operates according to this logic, which is almost protectionism. This kind of tool is neither morally nor economically wrong nor justified

global finance connect: many people believe that if it becomes true, China will take retaliatory measures, and an industry in the United States will solve the problem of white pollution. Radial extensometer may be used to detect the radial shrinkage deformation of standard specimens, so it is impacted

Stiglitz: Yes, global experience shows that when a country implements trade protectionism, even legal protectionism, other countries will retaliate in various ways within the legal framework. The regulations on the purchase of HRA domestic products in the U.S. economic stimulus plan may lead many countries to boycott American products. If so, the United States will suffer losses and the world economy will also suffer

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