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Aseptic PET bottled low acid tea drinks are available

the unified enterprise in Taiwan Province of China has always been dominated by product development. Its famous beverage varieties include black tea, green tea, oolong tea, etc. Recently, it has also produced aseptic PET bottled milk tea. Sterile PET bottled milk tea recently, uni president successfully filled a series of low acid tea drinks with Tetra plasttmrfa-40 sterile PET plastic filling machine developed by Tetra Pak company in the bayberry factory near Taipei. This is the first rfa-40 machine for packaging low acid beverages, while other production lines operating in Europe and the Middle East are currently only used for packaging high acid beverages. These drinks are packaged in 600 ml PET bottles with novel designs and labels. The products include "Maixiang" brand "Royal" green milk tea, which is very popular and has been packaged in sterile cartons, and the common flavor series tea drinks of the same brand launched this summer. In addition, it can be used for a long time at a temperature above 240 ℃; In addition, a series of new low acid oolong tea and green tea mixed drinks, named "walking tea", were launched in May. They are sports type cool drinks according to the "road map of energy saving and new energy vehicle technology" issued by the state. The unified enterprise of development process has completed the installation of rfa-40 production line for adulteration in mid-1999, and then immediately began the development of low acid products. Like the same type of production lines in other regions, this new sterile PET bottle production line was used to produce high acid beverages, such as "Guoyang" brand fruit flavored water in 600ml bottles, and to reproduce other high acid products, such as "Baojian" and other sports drinks. With the market demand, Tetra Pak's food technology experts continue to cooperate with enterprises to promote the production line to be used for low-cost production. What is the key point of "intelligence"? Chip acid products. At the beginning of this year, the production line has officially passed the final low acid test, creating a new path for the tea beverage industry and PET bottle industry. Machine characteristics sterile PET bottle filling machine does not need absolute purification workshop, and can operate at the speed of up to 12000 bottles/hour, which can fill 0 5 liter bottle. The filling machine has good bactericidal property. Using divosan active disinfection "fog" sterilization, the number of cells can be reduced by more than log5 coefficient, and the peroxide content of the bottles after disinfection and washing is less than 2ppm, ensuring the hygiene, safety and reliability of packaging products. After the launch of the new products, the market responded well, further enriched the product series of the unified enterprise brand, and consolidated its market position. This will cause other businesses to follow suit, adding sterile PET bottle filling equipment to produce low acid beverages, which will bring another new scene to the beverage industry

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