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Aseptic packaging machine for liquid food came out in Shandong Province

Xu Dongshun of Qingdao, Shandong Province designed a aseptic packaging machine for liquid food, which makes the instrument always keep clean, and the parts and accessories are complete and safe. It includes: the film belt of the bag is packed by the original driving mechanism, and the batch roll of the film belt is erected on the roll support by the long shaft, Between the driving mechanism and the belt roller support, a film belt disinfection treatment device connected to the two is arranged; A closed sterile machine head cover is arranged in an appropriate range around the packaging machine head; The film strip is pulled into the device from the belt roll support end of the device, and if it is found to be loose, it is pulled out from the head end of the device and enters the original packaging head. The machine ensures the hygienic standard of liquid food and extends the storage and shelf life of food to more than 30 days. Yin Yongguang of Changchun, Jilin Province invented a small bag aseptic packaging machine bag former. It is composed of a back plate, a shaper plate, a main injection pipe, an auxiliary injection pipe, a vent pipe and a movable pressing plate. The movable pressing plate is installed on the back plate through a hinge shaft, the shaper plate is installed between the back plate and the movable pressing plate, and the main injection pipe, auxiliary injection pipe and vent pipe are installed on the shaper plate. The shaper plate is a sandwich plate structure with a middle cavity, and the sandwich plate is provided with a number of small holes, and the vent pipe is connected with the middle cavity of the shaper plate. The device has the characteristics of low cost, simple structure and reliable operation. Quan Yongchun of Shenyang, Liaoning Province designed a sterile packaging machine, which has a mechanical transmission mechanism. The film supply sprocket on it is connected with the driven sprocket a of the film supply device, and then connected with the driven sprocket B of the film delivery device through the film delivery sprocket on it. The driving roller driven by the grooved cam on it is connected with the swing arm through the rotating shaft, and one end of the swing arm is connected with the longitudinal sealing pliers through the pull rod G, At the same time, it is connected with the moving wheel of the film clamping device through the fixed pulley through the steel wire rope, and the other end of the swing arm is connected with the transverse sealing cutting pliers through the pull rod h. at the same time, it also needs to pay for the early investment phase of the project. 3. Each equipment component of the pressure testing machine can not be connected disorderly, and the pre stretched film adjusting block on it is connected with the pre stretched film frame of the film pulling device through the connecting rod. The utility model changes pneumatic into mechanical transmission, and a reducer is driven by a main motor to complete horizontal sealing, vertical sealing, film walking, film walking length control, pre stretching film, film pressing, uncoiling, timely control of uncoiling length, bag forming, ribbon printing and other actions. The mechanism is simple, the transmission is stable, the noise is low, the service life is long, it is easy to master, and the maintenance is convenient

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