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Shanghai Jingpu encoder made a wonderful debut 2011fapa

Shanghai Jingpu electromechanical Co., Ltd. participated in 2011fapa (2011 International Modern Factory/process automation technology and equipment exhibition) from May 18 to 20. As a CIA member of the international CANopen Association and the first CIA encoder manufacturer in the Far East, Jingpu electromechanical Co., Ltd. focused on the introduction of canop to avoid affecting the intensity test results, en absolute encoder and programmable positioning function controller (PFC), as well as a series of solutions that integrate the advantages of control instruments, PLC and HMI based on customers' different needs, which were favored by professional visitors who came to the exhibition

CANopen absolute value encoder of Jingpu Electromechanical is widely used in many industries, such as crane gantry synchronization, industrial robots, water conservancy gates, multi wheel synchronization of flatbed trucks, radar, multi frequency synchronous positioning, etc. Precautions for supporting programmable positioning function controller (PFC): relevant solutions solve technical problems such as synchronous deviation correction of long-span crown block, synchronous lifting of double lifting points of lifting equipment, synchronous gate opening, intelligent master (electronic cam) control, etc. It is worth mentioning that CANopen's superior functions, such as high-speed multi axis speed, position double closed-loop synchronous follow, coiling and feeding control, have been successfully applied in high-speed railway, cross sea bridge and other projects

stainless steel heavy-duty encoder is one of the highlights of Jingpu's product series. Due to its strong and durable stainless steel shell, it can be suitable for harsh working environment and bear greater impact and vibration. It is the first choice in heavy industry industries such as steel, metallurgy, port machinery, hoisting machinery, etc. The output types of this product include: 4~20ma, SSI, RS485, MODBUS, CANopen, profibus-d7, experimental speed: tetxing speed: 0.001~500mm/minp, while the stainless steel encoder with dual independent signal output can enter multiple controls such as frequency conversion and PLC speed regulation, positioning, synchronization, protection, etc

this exhibition also provides customers with new series, mainly including incremental series encoder, stainless steel reinforced incremental encoder (dds36 light load incremental encoder, dds50 incremental encoder, dfs60 high-resolution aquapro 37 series are products of PORON polyurethane family, stainless steel reinforced incremental encoder), which not only enriches Jingpu's product series, but also meets customers' needs in textile machinery The need for incremental encoders in packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, printing machinery, glass machinery and various machine tools

adhering to the business philosophy of honesty and sureness, refined and specialized technical strength, professional and serious after-sales service, and independent products created and made in China, Jingpu electromechanical will continue to develop characteristic products for domestic customers, provide customized solutions, and better serve users in various industries

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