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Shanghai Jinpeng: the downward trend of crude oil remained unchanged, and PTA fluctuated downward.

as Hurricane Gustav weakened before landing in Louisiana, concerns about lasting damage to the U.S. oil industry were reduced. Under the pressure of various news, yesterday's NYMEX 10 international crude oil futures fell by $4.06 to $111.4, or 3.67% Today, PTA (8194, -184.00, -2.20%, bar) futures of Zhengshang exchange were affected by crude oil futures. They opened low all day and could not go too long or too short. They opened at 8260 and closed at 8194, down 184 points from the previous trading settlement price. Positions increased slightly

basically, the prices of upstream crude oil and PX both fell, and the PTA Market lacked positive factors. In addition, although China has increased the export tax rebate rate of the textile industry by two percentage points since August 1, factors such as the appreciation of the RMB, the tightening of money and the increase of production costs still make it difficult for the textile industry to get rid of the operating difficulties, resulting in the polyester industry directly downstream of PTA still not improving. In this case, it is expected that the PTA market may deteriorate the sensitivity of the dial pointer of the tensile testing machine in the short term and continue to maintain a volatile trend

on the premise that the supply and demand fundamentals of crude oil are balanced and the US dollar will remain strong in the future, the downward trend of oil prices has not changed; PTA followed the trend of crude oil and fell violently

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