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Shanghai Jiaotong University Alumni Association established an AI branch and held an AI Industry Development Summit Forum

original title: Shanghai Jiaotong University Alumni Association established an AI branch and held an AI Industry Development Summit Forum

in the afternoon of January 12, The number of alumni of shanghaijiaotonguniversity fell sharply by 33.4% year-on-year. The founding meeting of the industrial intelligence branch and the artificial intelligence industry development summit forum were held in the lecture hall at No. 100, chenruiqiu building, Minhang campus, shanghaijiaotonguniversity. Nearly 500 people attended the meeting, including Zhang Ansheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee and vice president, Mao Junfa, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee, vice president and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, alumni representatives in AI industry and related fields, Alumni Association of the University, School of electronic information and electrical engineering, artificial intelligence research institute and other relevant departments, as well as teachers and students representatives of colleges and departments. The meeting was presided over by alumni Wang haofen

alumni sun Donglai introduced the preparations for the AI branch on behalf of the preparatory group. On behalf of the preparatory group, Yang Xiaokang, executive vice president and alumni of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, read out the key points of the articles of association of the artificial intelligence branch of the Alumni Association of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Mao Junfa read out the list of recommended candidates for the artificial intelligence branch of the Shanghai Jiaotong University Alumni Association. The conference adopted Wang Yongdong as the president, Shen Weiguo, Chen Ning, Cheng Guohua, Yang Xiaokang, Xu Li and Dai Wenyuan as the vice presidents, Li Jian, Zhao Daping, Chen Jian, Xia Zeyang, Wang Jialiang, Hu Zheren, Wang Guanchun and Zhang Shaodian as the directors, Wang haofen as the Secretary General, Wang He, sun Donglai, song Haitao and Gao Xiang as the deputy secretary general

Zhang Ansheng and Mao Junfa issued letters of appointment to the elected alumni and awarded the flag of artificial intelligence branch of Shanghai Jiaotong University Alumni Association

Wang Yongdong, senior vice president and alumnus of Microsoft worldwide, delivered a speech on behalf of the branch. He expressed his gratitude for the strong support given by the reason of the obvious relaxation of the alma mater movement in the process of division of labor and preparation, and also affirmed the alumni who worked hard for the preparation of this branch. He shared the story of his relationship with the computer major because of Jiaotong University, and expressed his deep gratitude to his alma mater. He said that in recent years, the field of artificial intelligence has developed rapidly as an emerging industry. He hoped that the establishment of the branch could promote the exchange of alumni among industries, serve alumni, teachers and students of Jiaotong University, and serve the development of Jiaotong University

on behalf of the school, Zhang Ansheng congratulated the establishment of the artificial intelligence branch and introduced the latest development of Shanghai Jiaotong University. He pointed out that in recent years, in the face of the historical task of building a "double first-class", the school's teachers and students have maintained the momentum of rapid development with the working state of no time to wait, and have formed a discipline layout based on solid science, with strong engineering, life medicine and management disciplines as the backbone, and high-level and refined economics, humanities, law and agronomy as the characteristics. In addition, the school pays more and more attention to the work of alumni, which provides a lot of necessary support for the contact, growth and development of alumni. Finally, he hopes to "strengthen the excavation and connection of alumni in the AI industry", "strengthen the connection with the alma mater Alumni Association, relevant colleges and disciplines", "strengthen the connection with other brother alumni organizations", and make contributions to the development of the times

the AI Industry Development Summit Forum was hosted by alumni song Haitao

during the keynote speech on exports to developed countries, with the medium and low end as the keynote, Wang Yongdong shared with you "the development and prospects of artificial intelligence"; Cheng Guohua, CEO of Jianpei technology, shared with you the application of artificial intelligence in medical big data; Shangtang technology CEO Xu Li alumni, so it is a new environmental protection product, sharing the relevant achievements of visual intelligence with you; Wu Jiong, founder of Fenghe investment, shared with you the prospects of AI venture capital

at the round table forum, alumni such as Wang haofen, co-founder of Leyan technology, Wang Guanchun, co-founder of laiye technology, Hu Zheren, co-founder of fluent speaking, Zhang Shaodian, co-founder of senyi, Gao Xiang, co-founder of Daguan data, and sun Donglai, founder of Shanghai extreme entropy data Technology Co., Ltd. jointly discussed the industrialization development of artificial intelligence around topics such as scientific and technological change, education, and medical treatment

before the founding meeting of the artificial intelligence branch, a direct recruitment of the boss of Jiaotong University was also held on the first floor of Chen Ruiqiu building, with the participation of more than ten outstanding alumni enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence

under the guidance of the Shanghai Jiaotong University Alumni Association, the AI branch of the Shanghai Jiaotong University Alumni Association is the ninth industry branch after the century conference, the energy technology branch, the financial investment branch, the film and television and new media branch, the venture capital Federation, the sports branch, the medical machinery branch, and the integrated circuit branch. The branch will rely on the relevant disciplines and talent advantages of its alma mater, give full play to its industry advantages, promote the interaction and cooperation between alumni in the AI industry, alumni enterprises, and alumni and its alma mater, build a service platform for alumni fellowship, serve the majority of alumni, drive the coordinated development of enterprises, and make greater contributions to the development of its alma mater and the development of the AI industry


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