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Shanghai Jingpu electromechanical Co., Ltd. participated in the Innovation Award Evaluation of the Industrial Expo

in today's industrial sensor technology, intelligent multifunctional and information sensors are in full swing. The invention patent (zl2008 1.3) of "circuit board and its operation method of intelligent incremental or absolute value encoder" of Shanghai Jingpu electromechanical Co., Ltd. has been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office and officially issued the invention patent certificate. The patent was declared in early 2008. After more than two years of international announcement, no earlier similar patent application was found in the world, which was authorized and issued by the State Intellectual Property Office at the end of 2010. The core technology of this patent is to embed an intelligent chip CPU in the encoder circuit board, and quickly intelligentize the original signal of incremental encoder or absolute encoder (including absolute value multi turn encoder) in advance, but its service life is also extended by one time, and then output. The processed content includes the external setting of the starting point; Adjustment of resolution; Setting of measurement range; Setting of positive and negative data changes; Selection of working mode for angle, length and speed measurement; Single turn and multi turn measurement methods; The measurement and calculation methods of cycle and reciprocation are similar to the setting of 4mA and 20mA output positions by 4 20mA current output, the setting of address and baud rate by bus type output (RS485) and the mode of angle, length and speed output. The benefit this patent brings to users is that the same product can be used as an angle sensor, as well as an intelligent multi-function of length sensor and speed sensor. There is no need to consider the zero position and rotation direction during mechanical installation. The subsequent reading equipment does not need to worry about the resolution and range, reduce the cycle of executing the program, reduce the load, and the subsequent equipment can quickly solve and use the data. The revolution it brings is in line with the development trend of intelligent, multifunctional and information-based sensors

Shanghai Jingpu electromechanical Co., Ltd. is committed to the R & D and production of absolute value encoder and absolute value multi turn encoder. It is not only satisfied with the absolute value encoder made in China, but also has stepped out of the solid step of absolute value encoder created in China. The encoder patent technologies it now owns include "device for absolute single turn photoelectric encoder to absolute multi turn photoelectric encoder" (ZL 2004 2.1) Electromagnetic multi turn absolute encoder (ZL 2008 2.8), bearingless electromagnetic absolute encoder (ZL 2008 2.7) "A large number of successful applications of innovative technologies such as circuit board of intelligent incremental or absolute value encoder, large range synchronous control, energy conservation and emission reduction of calcium carbide furnace chemical furnace, large-scale wind tunnel simulation and positioning, tower crane safety area control, synchronous positioning of high-speed railway project, radar angle and elevation control, artillery aiming and training simulation system, aircraft ground simulation training system, ship anti sway control, double lifting point synchronous control, etc., are independent innovations." The absolute value encoder created in China and made in China made a contribution to the official opening of Jinan Shijin on October 8. This patented technology has not only been successful in China, but also won the praise of foreign counterparts. It is the evaluation of foreign encoder counterparts that brings additional benefits to customers. Now this kind of intelligent encoder has been partially exported to foreign countries. The absolute value encoder made in China is not only a cheap label, but also an innovative and practical reputation

welcome to this booth for technical negotiation and support made in China

operate the machine according to the operating instructions (ZL 2008 2.5), encoder with dual output of absolute value and incremental signal (ZL 2008 2.1), circuit board of intelligent incremental or absolute value encoder and its operation method (zl20081 references to "new normal" have recently appeared 1.3), and many other patents have become experts in absolute value encoder in China

the intelligent encoder with this patented technology of Shanghai Jingpu electromechanical Co., Ltd. has been popular with users since it was launched on the market in 2008, especially in solar power tracking and wind power generation

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