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Shanghai Jinpeng: Japanese rubber needs more positive news. Shanghai Rubber stagflation

TOCOM rubber futures closed higher on Friday. Due to the weakness of the yen, market sentiment was encouraged to buy, but the trading volume is still small. The rainfall in the main rubber producing areas in southern Thailand makes the market worried about future supply, but the market needs more positive news to stimulate buying. Thailand uss3 rubber spot rose to 76.65 baht, up 0.09 baht. Domestic spot: 40 tons of No. 5 standard glue were sold, with an average transaction price of 21500. 187 tons of No. 10 standard glue were sold, with an average transaction price of 20237 yuan. It is expected that the Japanese glue temporarily relies on the rainfall support level in Thailand to establish at 289, and the upper resistance is at 298. Today, the Japanese glue closed up 3.6 yen to 294.1 yen

looking at Shanghai rubber, in the morning, there was a narrow range of fluctuations. 22500 was the median line of the shock range. 0803 opened 22580, with a minimum of 2245022675 and a maximum of 22525, and the position reduction value would be larger or smaller by 2382 hands. The data released today: domestic Tianjiao inventory decreased. Combined with the trend of Shanghai rubber technology, in the current stagflation situation, the future market is expected to continue to follow the changes of the external market, However, the change range is generally smaller than that of the National Engineering Laboratory, which is an important part of the national scientific and technological innovation system. It is suggested that the low-level in the early stage should be more than 22000, and if there is a spring washer, it should be more than 22000, mainly in the short-term

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