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Shanghai Jinpeng: crude oil rally subsided, Shanghai oil low open adjustment

the rally of deformed oil futures would subside after a period of time in New York on Tuesday. Due to the lack of new positive factors on the supply side, the crude oil period hit a near 8-day high. In July, the crude oil period fell by about $3.34 to $128.85, while the decline between the heating oil period and the gasoline period was less than that of crude oil. In June, the rbob gasoline period fell by about 1.3 cents, The heating oil period in June fell about 6.64 cents at the 7th annual meeting of the automotive non metallic materials branch. The market shifted its attention to the inventory data released on Thursday, looking for new good news. At the same time, due to the strong demand for diesel in Europe and Asia, heating oil, which can become its substitute, will slow down the decline of crude oil to a certain extent

Shanghai oil opened sharply lower due to the sharp adjustment of overnight crude oil. The 0808 period opened about 4820, with a narrow range of volatility. The electronic crude oil market performed well, which created resistance for the further decline of Shanghai oil. The decline did not expand in the session, and closed at 4807. The position in the late session decreased more, and today's position decreased by 3874. He is the origin of the experimental machine, with less trading volume and light trading. It is suggested to build more at a low price

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