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Shanghai Jiao will be a domestic commodity star in 2008

copper and aluminum fell by 6.4% and 13.2% respectively in 2007, while sugar, gum and beans rose by 2.31%, 14.56% and 40.95% respectively. The above data tell Jiaoyou: first, agricultural products are still the main line in 2008; Second, agricultural products are facing China's demographic dividend and revaluation; Third, the characteristics of HuJiao agricultural products and its unique fundamentals, which are widely used to replace the traditional wire with aluminum as conductor and reinforced with steel, will be the star of commodities in 2008

when rijiao opened on January 4, Shanghai Jiao will not see copper soar or plummet when the outer market is closed. The reason is that the overnight yen exchange rate appreciated sharply, limiting the rise of rubber, and geopolitical factors did not make crude oil soar, but fell slightly. Shanghai rubber will continue the inertia of adjustment, which will be conducive to the market in 2008 and reduce the labor intensity of operators; Expand

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