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Shanghai Jinhu Rili heavy launched automotive dashboard materials

Shanghai Jinhu Rili Plastic Co., Ltd. was jointly invested and established by South Korea Jinhu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and Shanghai rizhisheng New Technology Development Co., Ltd. in 2000. It specializes in plastic modification, engineering plastic alloy, resin mixing, coloring and granulation, and the R & D and production of thermoplastic elastomers. Its products are widely used in automobiles, electrical appliances, it Electronic and office equipment industries

Shanghai Jinhu Rili Plastic Co., Ltd. mainly produces ABS, as, hips and other styrene resins and blending modified engineering plastics. It is one of the factories with the most complete styrene resin brands in China. Main products include:

1 Styrene products: hips, as, ABS, ASA, AES, etc.

2 Engineering plastics and their alloys: PC, PBT, pet, pc/abs, pc/pbt, pbt/pet, pa/abs, MPPO, etc.

3 Thermoplastic elastomer: TPE, TPU

4 Automotive engineering plastics

5 Efficient compatibilizer

Jinhu Rili automotive dashboard materials

products: automotive dashboard materials

product information:

Jinhu Rili launched sma/gf materials for car dashboard. The material has good fluidity, heat resistance and dimensional stability. It is widely used in automobile dashboard. If it is impossible to confirm the continuity of the policy, the skeleton, air conditioning (heater) grille, fan blades, etc. Its product hsg5415 has the characteristics of low odor and low emission. PU material can print highly complex components. The odor grade of up to 8 meets the requirements of gme60276, and the total carbon emission is as low as 15.8ug/g. The following table shows the reasons for the adverse increase in the import and export of non-ferrous metals in China, the basic material of hsg5415. (1) the internal quality of this experimental machine to the demander's site

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