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Shanghai Jinpeng: Greetings from crude oil $140 Shanghai oil was boosted by the electronic disk

on June 27, it was promoted and loved by our customers! In the future, we will work harder to develop new products that are easy to use and economical! Expand the market share of products! Repay customers! The settlement price of crude oil futures in New York hit a new high. Driven by the weakness of the US dollar and the decline of the US stock market, the WTI crude oil period rose by about 0.57 in August. Unlike the previous emphasis on advanced weapons and landing operations, which directly pointed to specific military objectives, the US dollar was released to US $140.21 in July R; Samples rejected by the near-infrared model were brought back to the laboratory for innovative development of products with low VOC (volatile organic compounds), high flame retardancy, high comfort, etc. Bob gasoline fell by about 1.01 cents, heating oil rose by about 2.32 cents in July, and Brent crude oil in UK ice8 rose by $0.48 to $140.31. The euro rose to a three week high of $1.5785 on Friday, while the Dow Jones index fell to a two-year low. The market is concerned that the European Central Bank will make a decision to raise interest rates at its meeting on July 3 to support the exchange of the euro against the US dollar. It is expected that the confirmation of the news will lead to a new wave of buying. It is expected that the trend of crude oil this week is similar to that of last week. In the first half of the week, attention will be paid to the changes in U.S. inventory, and then the focus will turn to the exchange rate

Shanghai oil jumped higher today, with the 0809 contract opening at 5270. After the opening, it rose to 5292 and then fell back. Driven by the electronic trading, Shanghai oil rose all the way after the beginning of the afternoon trading, and accelerated at the end of the trading, with a daily high of 5318. Although the increase was reduced, it closed at 5297, up 75 points. It is recommended to hold more than one

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