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Shanghai Jinhu Rili applas2011: material innovation and shaping the future

the 12th Asia Pacific International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition (applas2011) will be held in Shanghai from September 6 to 9. The theme of this exhibition of Jinhu Rili (Booth No.: w11118) is "material innovation and shaping the future", which aims to highlight the achievements of the company in R & D innovation, sustainable development, value innovation and so on, We mainly help customers reduce carbon emissions and optimize system costs through the following innovative material solutions:

automotive innovative solutions:

in the future, cars will develop in a more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and economic direction. Jinhu Rili provides a series of innovative solutions for Automotive plastics. These innovative materials can realize spray free, lightweight and help customers reduce system costs. For example, we have launched a spray free material solution for cars, which can replace spray painting, reduce costs and achieve 100% recycling of parts. It also provides automotive designers with a variety of aesthetic appearance designs such as matte, highlight, special color effects, and can meet the requirements of OEMs for weather resistance, chemical resistance, and scratch resistance of materials

plastic Coriolis special effect resin:

in view of the current situation of high painting cost, complex process, non environmental protection and difficult product recovery of household appliance parts, Jinhu Rili has launched a series of spray free plastic Coriolis special color effect resin products, which can achieve pearlescent, flickering pearlescent, semi transparent flickering and other color appearance effects by direct injection molding (or extrusion) without painting. Fully meet the effect needs of household appliances with bright colors and changeable shapes. The formed parts have no welding marks, flow marks and other defects. Compared with painting, the cost of forming can be reduced by%, and the product has good fluidity, which can meet the production requirements of large and thin-walled home appliance shells

ecoblendtm environmentally friendly materials:

Jinhu Rili has been committed to the research and development of sustainable technology. Ecoblendtm series products include brand-new resins added with post consumer recycling (PCR) components and environmentally friendly modifications, including component demoulding and channel cutting residue PLA resins. At present, pc/abshac8251nh, pc/petkca9341nh and kca9351nh have passed UL certification

led lighting material solution:

led lamp has the characteristics of high brightness, low energy consumption, long service life and small size. Under the social background of energy conservation and emission reduction, LED has become the preferred lighting in the future. However, led itself is a point light source. If there is no light expansion and easy to operate, scattered media will cause problems such as narrow illumination range, dazzling and dazzling. Pc3601 and pc3603 introduced by Jinhu Rili have excellent light diffusion and transmittance, and good UV stability. In order to better realize the designer's idea of building a comprehensive shipping experimental area for Southeast Asia, we also provide astigmatism PC materials with customized optical properties

while innovating materials, Jinhu Rili has always kept its commitment to environmental protection. The company will continue to improve materials, technologies and processes, so as to help customers reduce carbon emissions, save energy, reduce waste, and ensure that they can strictly comply with environmental regulations

about Jinhu Rili:

Shanghai Jinhu Rili Plastic Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of modified polymer materials in China. It is mainly engaged in the research, development, production, sales and services of plastic modification, engineering plastic alloy, resin mixing, coloring and granulation, and thermoplastic elastomer. By the end of 2010, Jinhu Rili has achieved an annual output of 50000 tons of modified resin. We provide innovative material solutions for automotive, home appliances, oa/it, construction, daily necessities and other industries

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