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244 national standards have been published, including chromatographic, spectral and other instrumental analysis methods. After decades of hard work, China's instrument industry has gone through a difficult but meaningful journey. As one of the symbols to test the development process of China's instrument industry, instrument standards have ushered in new changes again and again. In the process of accelerating the construction of China's standardization system, the state is also improving the instrument industry standards in time

as an important means of developing trade and standardizing ball screw in the world, relying on the ball is an important means of rotating friction market order and promoting technology industrialization, which can not be achieved by domestic enterprises. Standards have increasingly become an important factor affecting national economic competition and play a prominent role in economic and social development. Recently, the National Standards Commission issued the national standard Announcement No. 4 of 2018, approving the release of 244 national standards, most of which were implemented on october1,2018

increased the application cost of the fatigue life test machine

the announcement shows that this batch of standards covers daily use, plastics, textiles, forestry and other industries. Among them, a number of instrumental analysis methods are involved, including gas chromatography, ultrasonic surface detection, X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, fluorescence emission spectrometry, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, ultraviolet visible spectrophotometry, electrical test method and other instrumental analysis methods

with the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level, the instrument industry has stepped up innovation and development and launched many instruments and equipment. Nowadays, there are many kinds of analytical instruments on the market, and the performance and application of each instrument are different. In this context, the quality is controlled layer by layer, and the formulation and improvement of standards play an important role in the development of the instrument industry

as we all know, nonstandard standards often make it difficult for domestic manufacturers to conduct reasonable performance comparison with imported instruments, which to some extent leads to disordered competition in the instrument industry and restricts the independent innovation and industrial development of instruments in China. For users, they may not be able to purchase appropriate instruments and equipment, which will affect the daily work and directly lead to economic losses. Therefore, the preparation and repair of instrument standards must be accelerated. Only in this way can we better guide the development of instrument industry, and provide advanced equipment for various application fields in time to meet the needs of social development

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