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Recently, the news that the relevant departments will issue policies requiring that the market priced drugs must indicate the ex factory price and retail price has attracted the attention of people inside and outside the industry and the media. It is understood that at present, many drug manufacturers and retail pharmacies have reported that if it is implemented in this way, it may cause market chaos due to pricing problems. Many consumers said that if they could buy drugs with a marked price in the future, the price could become transparent in both hospitals and pharmacies

visited several pharmacies and found that although the 17th national drug price cut was not long ago, involving 22 kinds of drugs

products and more than 400 dosage form specifications, on this basis, Beijing has additionally formulated the maximum retail price of 17 kinds of drugs such as cefuroxime, but for the current drug price, most consumers still hold the view that the price is still high. Therefore, the price of the medicine box is self-evident

at present, drug price management is divided into two parts: Government priced products in the national medical insurance catalogue and products priced by the market. It is easier to supervise the products priced by the government; However, because market priced products are priced by enterprises according to the market and their own conditions, it is difficult for both government departments and consumers to supervise them

it is understood that the reason why consumers generally believe that the price of drugs is expensive is that they do not understand the production process of drugs, and they have no way to know how the price of drugs is set. Ms. Bao, a consumer, said that medicine is a special commodity. How much is its production cost? Where can ordinary people estimate it? If the production can be marked, it will require the manufacturing industry to make great progress and the factory price and retail price of Pentium products. At least this test can check the stiffness of the spring and 100% of the component functions, so that people can have a bottom in their hearts when buying drugs or taking drugs in the hospital, which will feel a lot more secure

recently, the national development and Reform Commission has solicited opinions from relevant associations twice on the drug pricing measures under consideration. The reaction of some enterprises after learning the news is: the price is determined by the market. Marking the ex factory price and retail price means that it is difficult for drugs to compete freely, and the difference between ex factory price and retail price is not easy to set; Many traditional Chinese medicine enterprises said that because the price of medicinal materials will change constantly according to some factors, after all, our independent research and development technology is guaranteed, and the ex factory price of traditional Chinese medicine is also changing. If we really want to mark the ex factory price on the package, enterprises can only mark the ex factory price higher than the actual price, so as to leave room for change, which may cause the new drug price to be falsely high. In view of this, Mr. Cai said that even if the ex factory price and retail price are marked on the medicine box, it is not possible to truly realize consumption transparency

however, with regard to this policy, Chen liangbo, vice chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Consumer Commission, told the media that he affirmed and supported the practice of printing the drug price on the package on behalf of the Guangdong Provincial Consumer Commission, which is conducive to strengthening patient awareness and drug price transparency, and eliminating unnecessary links in the market circulation of drugs

some insiders believe that although there are still some doubts about the measurement control and the completion of various functions such as control, display, data collection and disposal, if the national development and Reform Commission is determined to promote the price reduction of drugs, the introduction of this new method is only a matter of time

source: Sankei - China Medical News

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