The hottest price of H-beam in Chengdu market on A

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On August 22, the price of H-section steel in Chengdu market

product name, material specification, place of origin, price rise and fall H-section steel q235b100*100*6*8 Laigang 43500h section steel q235b150*150*7*10 Masteel 35700h section steel q235b150*150*7*10 Rizhao 35700h section steel q235b150*150*7*10 Jinxi 35700h section steel q235b200*100*5.5*8 Laigang 35500h section steel q235b200*200*8*12 Masteel 35700h section steel q235b200*200*8*12 Rizhao 35700h section steel q235b200*200*8*12 Jinxi 35700h section steel q235b294*200*8*12 Laigang 35 700h section steel q235b350*175*7*11 Masteel 35900h section steel q235b350*175*7*11 Jinxi 358 the above experimental standards refer to ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, BS JIS and other 00h steel q235b250*250*9* so enough free area should be left around the experimental machine. 14 Laigang 39400h steel q235b300*300*10*15 Masteel 40200h steel q235b300*300*10*15 Jinxi 40200h steel q235b390*300* move the main body and force measuring device to the concrete foundation respectively. 10 * 16 Masteel 40200h steel q235b390*300*10*16 Jinxi 40200h steel q235b400*200*8*13 Laigang 38700h steel q235b400*400*13*21 Laigang 41200 H-shaped steel q235b500*200*10* 16 Laigang 38700h section steel q235b588*300*12*20 Masteel 40200h section steel q235b588*300*12*20 Jinxi 40200h section steel q235b700*300*13*14 Laigang 42000h section steel q235b800*300*14*26 Masteel 42000h section steel q235b800*300*14* it is understood that 26 Jinxi 42000h section steel q345b294*200*8*12 Masteel 41800h section steel q345b400* 200*8*13 Masteel 43300h section steel q345b500*200*10*16 Masteel 43300h section steel q345b588*300*12*20 Masteel 44300h section steel q345b800*300*14*26 Masteel 45300

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