Common faults of the hydraulic system of the hotte

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Common faults of the hydraulic system of the asphalt concrete paver

the high oil temperature of the hydraulic system of the asphalt concrete paver will reduce the viscosity of the oil, increase the leakage, damage the oil film at the lubricated parts, and aggravate the wear of components; At the same time, high temperature will also cause premature aging and damage of gaskets made of rubber and other materials. Therefore, it is very important to control the appropriate oil temperature. When the oil temperature is too high, the machine must be shut down for inspection, which can generally be carried out from the following aspects:

(1) check whether the liquid level in the oil tank is too low. Experience shows that high oil temperature is often caused by lack of oil in the oil tank, so it should be replenished in time when there is lack of oil

(2) whether the hydraulic oil filter element and circuit are blocked

(3) whether the radiator is normal. If a large amount of ash is adhered to the radiator, it is not only the dust in the basic production process indispensable to a large number of industrial and agricultural products, but also can cause poor heat dissipation and increase the oil temperature. Since there is much dust in the working environment of the paver, the radiator should be cleaned in time.

(4) whether the hydraulic oil quality is qualified. If the added oil is unqualified, the system oil temperature will also be too high

in addition, when the hydraulic system works in lack of oil, it is easy to cause damage to the pump and motor. Therefore, after the oil shortage fault is eliminated, check the running state of the pump and motor, and replace the damaged parts of the pump and motor if necessary

In order to better and more suitable select the right experimental machine

2. The auger does not work

the paver sometimes has the situation that the left and right augers do not work, and the reason is generally the failure of the oil replenishment system. The reasons for the low pressure of the oil makeup system are: the oil inlet passage of the oil makeup pump is not smooth; The pressure of the overflow valve of the makeup oil pump is low; The makeup oil pump itself fails; The hydraulic motor is seriously leaking. Generally, the inspection of makeup oil pump and its overflow valve shall be focused

3 ﹐ the leveling hydraulic cylinder on one side does not work

if the leveling hydraulic cylinder on one side does not act, it is generally due to the lack of oil in the hydraulic cylinder on that side. The reason may be that the solenoid valve, priority valve or hydraulic cylinder oil inlet pipeline is blocked. In this case, check 3 Active reset: after the beginning of the experiment, check the solenoid valve and oil inlet pipeline on this side, and then check the priority valve

4 ﹐ the paver writes down the output control signal value, which deviates or does not walk

the paver has a walking fault, which is generally the paver deviates or one side cannot walk. This fault may be caused by loose wiring (or open circuit or no power) of the solenoid valve controlling the working pump. If the working pump on one side cannot work due to lack of electricity, the walking motor on that side will not work due to lack of oil, resulting in machine deviation or inability to walk on one side

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