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Common maintenance methods for several vulnerable parts of automobiles

electrical connectors

except for a few important electrical connectors that use gold contacts, most of the other connectors use copper zinc alloy. Under normal circumstances, its reliability is guaranteed, but if the car operates in a high temperature, high humidity and bumpy environment for a long time, These joints may become loose. The international exhibition shows the development trends of educational technology at home and abroad, corrosion, poor contact and other faults, and some strange electrical faults are mostly caused by this. Therefore, during routine maintenance, the connectors of computers, sensors, fuel injectors and other components on the vehicle should be checked

chassis components

from the perspective of use, chassis components are actually more prone to problems than engines, but they are stretched after parallel; During routine maintenance, the production safety level is improved, and many people often ignore the inspection of chassis components. The parts of the chassis that are prone to failure are mainly concentrated in:

1. Shock absorber: oil leakage is the precursor of shock absorber damage. In addition, driving on bad roads with significantly increased bumps or longer braking distance is also a sign of shock absorber damage

2. Suspension control arm rubber sleeve: after the rubber sleeve is damaged, the vehicle will have a series of faults such as deviation and swing, which is useless even for four-wheel alignment. If you carefully check the chassis, the rubber sleeve damage is easy to find

3. Steering linkage: the looseness of steering linkage is a serious safety hazard. Therefore, this part must be carefully checked during routine maintenance. The method is very simple: hold the pull rod and shake it hard. If there is no shaking, it means that everything is normal. Otherwise, replace the ball head or pull rod assembly

4. Exhaust pipe: exhaust pipe is one of the most easily damaged parts under the car. Don't forget to look at it during maintenance. Especially the exhaust pipe with three-way catalyst should be carefully checked

5. Universal joint dust boot: don't underestimate the dust boot outside the universal joint. It not only has the function of dust prevention, but also can prevent the loss of grease around the universal joint. Once the dust boot is damaged, the grease will soon be lost, and the universal joint is easy to be damaged due to dry grinding


pay attention to changing tires regularly. No matter how durable a group of tires are, they can't be used for a lifetime. Some people work easily and the frequency of use of cars is low. After a group of tires are used for several years, the tread pattern surface is intact, but in fact, the performance of tires will slowly age with the increase of age, and the quality will gradually decrease. If you don't realize this, It is wrong to think that "the surface looks good" means that the tire is OK

when maintaining the tire, first remove the stones and other inclusions in the tread, and check the outer tire for bubbling, delamination, cracking, deformation, aging and other faults; Secondly, when disassembling the tire, remove the rust on the rim, check whether the inner tube and lining are damaged or wrinkled, inflate according to the specified air pressure, and turn over or transpose the tire. In addition, check whether there is friction and collision between the tire and the wing plate, trunk bottom plate, leaf spring, fender, etc


battery is the key in the electrical system. In modern cars, a large number of electrical devices are used. The abnormal operation of battery will affect the performance of many devices. For example, in an automatic transmission vehicle, if the battery is abnormal, this kind of vehicle will not start. Therefore, a stable power supply must always be available

when checking the battery liquid level, it is considered appropriate if the liquid level is between the upper and lower scribed lines. At the same time, the liquid level difference of each tank should also be checked. If the liquid level is insufficient, unscrew the cover on the battery and pour distilled water to make up the liquid level

check the wiring terminal of the battery and remove the dirt on the wiring terminal with an iron brush. If the wiring clamp of the manual hydraulic universal testing machine is seriously damaged, you can use sandpaper to rub it along the inner wall to remove the dirt

brake pads

usually we use whether the brake warning light on the instrument panel is on as the basis for judging whether to replace the brake shoes, but this is the last bottom line. If we replace it at this time, it is already quite dangerous

I want to remind you that although all vehicles have this warning system, some directly sense the thickness of the brake shoes, and some make the warning light come on when the brake shoes have been completely worn out and the brake fluid has fallen extremely. If it is the latter, wait until the warning light is on, and the metal base of the brake pad and the brake disc are in the iron grinding state. At this time, you will see bright iron filings near the rim edge of the tire. Therefore, every time you enter the factory for maintenance, you should check whether the brake pads can be used, and replace the brake pads close to the end of their service life in advance, rather than just trust the warning light

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