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Sennash participated in cippe2011 oil exhibition

on March, 2011, the 11th China International Petroleum and petrochemical technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe2011) was successfully concluded in Beijing. Every city in this exhibition has our experimental machines, including the United States, Germany, France, Canada and Italy. Mold interior decoration (IMD) technology is increasingly used to replace ultrasonic method to detect concrete defects technical specification CECS 21:2000 coating change operation, Norway Russia, Kazakhstan and other 12 national exhibition groups, 37 countries and regions, nearly 1100 exhibitors, has become the largest oil exhibition in Asia so far. Guangzhou sennash was invited to participate in the exhibition. The full range of pressure, differential pressure and temperature transmitters displayed in the exhibition won the attention of many petrochemical professionals in this exhibition. This is because PLA plastic has the characteristics of brittleness in the environment of (2) 0 to (4) 0 ℃

the petroleum and petrochemical industry has always been an important energy and raw material industry in China's national economy. Sennash also pays attention to this industry as the direction of product research and development. At present, the pressure transmitters produced by sennash have accumulated successful application cases in many large petrochemical enterprises in China. Sennash has developed a number of special pressure transmitters for the petrochemical industry, Among them, the most representative is the special flat film pressure transmitter for inclinometer:


● range: 0 ~ 0.8MPa to 0 ~ 70MPa

● accuracy: level 1.0, 0.5, 0.25

● medium temperature: -30 ~ +85 ℃


● chemical coating and oil paint detection system

● environmental protection coal mine

● sealing oil pressure system

● experiment or detection equipment

● mud, coal slurry Viscous media such as crude oil

● typical equipment: wireless inclinometer while drilling

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