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Serenova and calabrio cooperate on contact center solutions

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CTI Forum () news on May 15 (compiler/old Qin): as a leading global provider of service solutions, serenova recently announced that it has established a strategic partnership with calabrio, a company specializing in labor optimization data analysis. The goal of the two companies will be to work together, "he said, creating an enhanced contact center experience, improving customer satisfaction, and allowing enterprises to expand their scale faster

although the contact center is not only valuable, but also an important part of almost any business, especially the active agent component of biotechnology manufacturing, if it is not managed properly, it will also become a nightmare. If the agents cannot work effectively or are not deployed properly, the whole operation will become a costly quagmire and will not produce any expected benefits

this is the problem that this partnership aims to solve. Calabrio's data analysis makes it easier than ever for enterprises to realize that their contact centers are inefficient, such as focusing on the wrong topics, or understaffed or overstaffed. This will help to provide more cost-effectiveness and practicality for the contact center provided by serenova, save unnecessary costs, and bring more return on investment to the enterprise

the most valuable asset of the contact center is its employees, but if it is not managed properly, it may become one of the biggest consumption of the customer experience, said Vasili triant, CEO of serenova. The comprehensive solutions provided by serenova and calabrio provide our joint customers with the insight and ability to effectively manage agent performance and maximize the customer experience

this partnership will greatly improve the quality of the contact center. The data analysis provided by calabrio can help enterprises find out which methods are suitable for their contact centers and which need to be improved. They also make it easier to optimize your work schedule. This will make customers more satisfied and reduce the cost of the enterprise. The contact center and all the value chains are verifying the performance improvement of the new generation of liquid phosphite antioxidant of adivant. The combination of data analysis will create an efficient workplace that is an important part of the Internet home

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