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Zhang Shantong, service engineer of XCMG Road Machinery Division: the original heart is always in Wuwen, Xidong

Zhang Shantong, service engineer of road machinery division, has been in contact with after-sales service since he first entered the factory for 10 years. During this period, Zhang Shantong's footprints spread all over China, and he has served in Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan, Benin and other countries successively. After 10 years of market service, Zhang Shantong has developed a solid foundation of accommodation service, especially good at the construction and commissioning of ultra wide and ultra thick pavers

service "Dana" in the desert

according to incomplete statistics, about 150 XCMG compaction equipment and 50 paving equipment were scattered in Ejinaqi section of Beijing Xinjiang Expressway in 2016, accounting for 65% of the local total pavement equipment! There is an endless stream of large and small XCMG road machinery, which has become a unique XCMG "Symphony" on the construction site

XCMG equipment on the desert

behind the magnificent scenery is the cruel natural environment. Because it is located at the edge of the desert, it is often windy and sandy, the temperature difference between day and night is very large, and the construction environment is extremely bad, which is a great challenge to XCMG equipment and service personnel. When he first arrived at the construction site, Zhang Shantong received the work of installing and debugging four pavers at the same time. He withstood the extraordinary work intensity and poor working environment and successfully completed the task

over the next four months, "one will arrive" became the norm for Zhang Shantong. He was either on the construction site or on the way to the construction site. When hungry, he ate a cold meal prepared in advance. When he couldn't find a place to stay at night, he made do with it in the service car. Before dawn, he set foot on the journey again. He often arrived at the construction site before the users and delivered warm services to them at the first time... From the beginning to the end of the task, Zhang Shantong drove the service car, He left a mileage of nearly 50000 kilometers on the rugged desert. He took over the commissioning of more than 20 new products and provided various financing services for more than 100 times

Zhang Shantong, service engineer of XCMG road machinery division, is a service "Da Na" in the desert

perseverance on the land of Africa

due to the rich service experience of ultra wide and ultra thick pavers in China, Zhang Shantong was assigned to Kenya in 2017 to carry out product service work for two 1253 pavers for half a year. Because of his excellent performance, he was assigned to Tanzania to be responsible for nearly ten road machinery and equipment. The most difficult challenge is in Cotonou, Benin, where users bought two 903 pavers, the same 3 The lifting and landing guide wheels are not properly adjusted to adopt the super wide and super thick paving method. The difference is that the paving thickness and width are temporarily increased, and one-time forming is required

facing the almost impossible task, looking at the anxious look of the user, Zhang Shantong decided to accept the challenge. Based on his rich service experience in the past, Zhang Shantong soon came up with an idea: by refitting the pull rod, adjusting the bottom dead center of the main machine vibration, the front carriage of the screed and the dividing blade, the working conditions can be met. But the feasibility of the scheme needs repeated test and debugging

Zhang Shantong, service engineer of XCMG road machinery division

Benin in November was in the "light rainy season". Zhang Shantong didn't care about holding an umbrella and often worked in the rain for three hours. Once, the light rain suddenly turned into a downpour. When everyone was busy taking shelter from the rain, Zhang Shantong rushed to collect the instrument in the rain, and the next day he caught a cold and didn't leave the line of fire, which moved users very much. After the rain, it was very hot. In order to complete the commissioning as soon as possible, Zhang Shantong withstood the scorching sun and solved various problems on the 150 ℃ asphalt test section. His dedicated will war required in-depth development, which defeated his physical discomfort. When the problem was basically solved, Zhang Shantong fainted from heatstroke and returned to the site after a short rest, paying close attention to the construction quality. During the ten day intense debugging, Zhang Shantong overcame the test of "ice and fire" and successfully solved various problems in the debugging process

thank you letter from across the sea

"Benin municipal project thanks XCMG for its meticulous and considerate service, which meets the needs of customers. In particular, it gives special thanks to XCMG paver service engineer Zhang Shantong, who is conscientious in his work, is not afraid of wind and rain, is not afraid of heat, and adjusts machinery on 150 ℃ Asphalt..." a thank you letter from across the sea tells the story of Zhang Shantong

cross the ocean thank-you letter

facing the praise of customers, he said, "I'm just trying to do my own job well. 'solving problems for users and making my responsible equipment operate normally' is my original intention of doing service. But now I think it's more important to let users know XCMG's products and let them feel the quality and temperature of XCMG's Jinan assay hardness testing instrument series, which is the ultimate purpose of service!" This is Zhang Shantong's profound interpretation of XCMG's "wholehearted" service

group photo of Zhang Shantong and very local workers

the initial intention is always there, without asking the West and the East. Zhang Shantong has forged a sword for ten years, and finally made a breakthrough. He bravely became the "pacesetter" of XCMG road machinery service, created value for users, and practiced the concept of "wholehearted" service with his own practical actions. (source: XCMG of XCMG)

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