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Eight trends affecting the U.S. packaging industry in 2014

according to the latest 2014 brand trend forecast report released by Landor associates, a world-famous strategic design consulting company, brands are increasingly mature in the use of social media, and consumers are increasingly demanding on the secondary use function of packaging. Hayes Roth, the company's chief marketing officer, commented on this: our expert team selected the eight most representative development trends in 2014, which will have a far-reaching impact on millennials and Generation Y, whose consumption level will also comprehensively exceed that of the baby boomers in 2017

wearable technology is no longer limited to upper class people

health oriented consumers, people who are good at using social networks to get inspiration and support, and people who like to try new technologies will become beneficiaries of wearable technology

this technology can help people create, track and achieve their own sports and weight management goals. Previously, only the expensive personal health coach could provide this service for people. With the popularity of wearable technology, a simple circuit tattoo may be able to provide doctors with real-time data of patients, and an ordinary T-shirt may also complete the task of measuring body temperature and vital signs

in 2011, the market size of wearable and mobile health devices was about US $2billion, and by 2016, this number will increase to US $6billion. To this end, Allie Dennison, Nanwei Industrial Company and Hefeng technology company have launched wearable drug sensors, smart textile fabrics and smart textile watchbands, respectively, in order to take the lead in this emerging market

Obama's healthcare reform plan unleashes consumption power

the U.S. healthcare reform has led to the transformation of health security. The increase in consumers' investment in health insurance has given them more sense of participation and voice in the choice of health care. They will be interested in products with healthier packaging. Otherwise, not only will the experiment not be successful, but the exhibition area will be 180000 square meters thick, and nutrition labels and packaging will also become one of the most beneficial marketing tools for major brands

men's products bring business opportunities

with the increasing phenomenon of family role exchange in the United States, many brands with clear gender positioning have also begun to develop neutral products. Women are no longer skin care products, but China's 3D printing industry has not yet formed the only consumer of a 3D printing material system and baby products. Many brands begin to sell men's skin care products, which brings new opportunities for some packaging companies

secondary utilization packaging has become the first choice

give more functions to the packaging, so that it can be reused, which is not only beneficial to the environment, but also can help the brand save more money. Dual purpose packaging can bring the efficacy of two products to consumers at one time on the premise of reducing waste. A Dutch company is selling a kind of light bulb, whose packaging can be used as a lampshade. The famous French biscuit brand Louise has launched a kind of biscuit packaging that can become children's toys

brands with clean history are more popular

consumers generally prefer brands with clean history or without history and tradition. These brands look newer, better, faster, cleaner, more open and more sensible, and their image in the eyes of consumers is much better than those old brands who think they are righteous. This phenomenon is more common in developed countries, because people are increasingly distrustful of big enterprises in the past. Wmotors, a brand-new luxury car brand originated in the Middle East, has achieved success without any background. The picture shows a kind of bio based fiber plastic composite. And a social information software in South Africa, 2Go, has also achieved a good record in a short time, with the number of users surpassing Facebook

luxury brands return strongly

the gender ratio of buyers is basically balanced, and more and more women will buy high-end luxury goods such as cars or jewelry for the purpose of rewarding themselves. Luxury brands have turned their attention to emerging female groups, and expanded their product lines to meet the needs of these potential consumers. By 2016, millennials will become the main force of luxury consumption in the United States. Brands that used to be more inclined to male consumers, such as Johnnie Walker, now also add women to their target customers, promote modern lifestyles to them, and promote whisky without obvious gender color. The strong return of high-end luxury goods will drive the relevant packaging market

the use of social media is becoming more and more mature.

the role of social media has changed from an emerging platform to attract new friends to a conventional customer service and marketing tool. With the continuous increase of visual content on social media, brands can share more information and ideas with target customer groups. Listening to the opinions of all parties in the society can also enable the brand to find its target customer group more accurately and effectively, so as to win business opportunities for the packaging industry

brand image depends on action

the concept of a brand is mainly reflected in the factors it considers when formulating its marketing plan. Some brands will pay more attention to product value, customer trust and corporate society. Therefore, regardless of the function of products, corporate culture will become the key factor to determine consumer loyalty. Southwest Airlines firmly believes that as long as they insist on hiring happy employees, they can pass on this happy life concept in their work, so as to enhance the brand image of the enterprise

in the final analysis, packaging serves the brand. Every move of the brand directly determines the development trend of the packaging industry. The emergence of new technologies, changes in people's lifestyle and changes in brand culture have not only brought challenges to packaging suppliers, but also created new opportunities for them. As one of the fastest growing areas in the printing industry, packaging has also been placed high hopes

2014 has arrived. Let's hope that the packaging industry can achieve better performance in the new year. At the same time, we also hope that packaging enterprises can closely follow the trend of the times, grasp the context of the industry, participate in international competition in the context of economic globalization, and contribute to improving their own level and building national brands

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