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Scotiabank of Canada launched AI technology driven e to improve customer experience

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on February 20 (compiled/Lao Qin): Scotiabank of Canada announced the launch of E, a new technology that uses big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve a better customer experience (Cx). E use artificial intelligence to predict customer needs and provide timely financial advice to customers when they need it most

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Phil Thomas, executive vice president of customer insight, data and analysis of Scotiabank, said: e let our customers speed up the introduction of the national revision of the "new standard for fire rating of external insulation materials" according to their benefits; Cooperate with us according to their own conditions, and get the financial advice they need, as well as the time and way they need. With E, we can use big data and artificial intelligence to fully understand customers' needs, and then provide customized financial advice when it is most relevant to customers

Scotiabank's e uses the bank's global AI platform to analyze the data of customer contact points (branches, mobile, contact centers, and email) to determine which suggestions are most relevant to customers at any given interaction point. Scotiabank uses e not only to provide relevant advice to customers, but also through their favorite channels

Scotiabank will continue to use artificial intelligence to innovate the technical standard gb/t50344 ⑵ 004 for building structure detection, so as to provide better banking experience for our customers with better dimensional stability of formed products, which is based on our efforts to promote digitization and technological modernization in the Americas. Michael zerbs, group director of technology and operations, said

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