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With the maiden voyage of the 45000 deadweight ton "Beijiang", the strategy of the national development and Investment Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "SDIC") to build the integration of the industrial chain of "coal and power port transportation" has begun

Wang Huisheng, President of SDIC, told CBN: "in recent years, SDIC has been building the integration of the industrial chain of 'coal and power port transportation'. The maiden voyage of the 'Beijiang' means that the 'industrial chain' will be promoted throughout the group and will serve the national energy pattern of 'coal from the west to the East and coal from the north to the South'."

"port transportation of coal and electricity" industrial chain refers to "using ships invested by the state, ports relying on the state, transporting coal invested by the state, sending power plants invested by the state, and generating electricity invested by the state". That is, the power coal produced by the coal mines affiliated to SDIC is sent to the launching port of SDIC holdings through its own railway account through the internal gathering station, and then transported to its subordinate power plants by its own marine fleet

"coal and electricity port transportation" industrial chain will involve 6 of the 84 companies controlled by SDIC, "building the integration of 'coal and electricity port transportation' industrial chain is conducive to giving play to the synergy within the group and maximizing the overall interests of the group." Wang Huisheng said that the group would change its previous investment in power, coal, ports, transportation and other businesses, and its independent and non ventilated operation mode, so as to realize the mutual cooperation and value utilization of businesses within the system

Wang Huisheng said that under the general situation of building a "coal and electricity port transportation" industrial chain, the so-called strength testing machine, tensile testing machine and universal testing machine will immediately analyze the test song thread, and will take the sea transportation as an intermediate bridge connecting "coal, electricity, port" and other industries. It will also expand the fleet of shipping companies, focusing on the development of ship buying, shipbuilding, chartering and other businesses

according to the SDIC shipping industry planning, not 3 Photoelectric information materials will invest more than 6 billion yuan to build a marine fleet with more than 20 bulk carriers and more than 1.5 million deadweight tons by 2012. The "Beijiang" will also be added to the fleet of SDIC Far East shipping company to serve the power plants within the group

at the end of 2008, the total assets of SDIC group was 171.4 billion yuan. According to the plan, by 2012, the total assets of the group will achieve the goal of 300 billion yuan

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