India's position in the international aluminum mar

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India's position in the international aluminum market has improved

with the increase of India's alumina and primary aluminum exports, India's position in the international aluminum market has become increasingly apparent. In recent years, India has exported 160kt of primary aluminum and 1300kt of alumina annually. The main export destination is Asia, especially China

two years ago, India's primary aluminum production capacity was 650kt/A. Some analysts believe that it will increase to 900KT/a by the middle of 2004 and 1250kt/A in 2006. Oxygen will teach you a lesson. The aluminum production capacity has increased from 2240kt/A to 2850kt/A in the past two years. It is expected to reach 4500kt/A in the next three years, and it may reach 6600kt/A in the near future

after the expansion project of Hindalco industrial group was completed in March this year, the production capacity increased from 242kt/A to 342kt/A; The primary aluminum production capacity of National Aluminum Corporation (Nalco) has also increased from 230kt/A to 345kt/A, and it is planned to increase to 460kt/A in one year; The alumina production capacity has been increased from 800kt/A to 1575kt/A, and will be further increased to 2100kt/A. Bharat aluminum company, which is 51% owned by Sterlite, India's major metal producer, also plans to increase the primary aluminum production capacity from 100kt/A to 334kt/A, and the alumina production capacity from 180kt/A to 830kt/A for computer parts manufacturing. In addition, the construction project of Sterlite's 1000kt/a alumina plant in Orissa, which is a 4-ball machine process in eastern India, has started. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2007, and the subsequent expansion plan will further increase the production capacity to 1400kt/A

compared with the expanding production capacity, the demand for aluminum in India's domestic market has increased relatively slowly. In recent years, the growth rate is only 5% - 6% on the basis of current prices. India will vigorously develop its export market. The production cost of alumina and primary aluminum in India is lower than the global average level, and it has strong tolerance for price fluctuations in the international market, and has obvious advantages in developing the export market. (global average: the average production cost of primary aluminum is 1200 US dollars/ton, and the average production cost of alumina is 150 US dollars/ton; in India, it is 1000 US dollars/ton and 90 ~ 100 US dollars/ton respectively). India is also rich in mineral resources, with bauxite reserves of 26 billion tons, ranking fifth in the world, of which 3/4 are boehmite with good quality, and the smelting energy consumption is low. In addition, most Indian primary aluminum producers have their own power plants, and the cost of electricity is also very low

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