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China's construction of Indonesia's high-speed railway project will start

DuPont high performance materials division (DPM) is committed to providing all kinds of thermoplastic, elastomer, renewable resource polymers, high-performance parts and profiles. The first high-speed railway project in Indonesia undertaken by China will officially start construction on the 21st of this month and is expected to be completed in 2018

it is reported that this project will connect Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and Bandung, the third largest city, 140 kilometers apart. After the completion of the high-speed railway, its estimated speed is 250 kilometers per hour, which will shorten the commute between the two cities to less than 35 minutes, and the one-way ticket price is expected to be about $16

pramonoanung, the Secretary of the Indonesian cabinet, and the director of the shelter reform and earthquake resistant housing projects, said that the Jakarta government was still completing the final permit and relevant regulations, and drafting relevant technical standards for this high-speed rail train. After these works are completed, but sometimes the stress waveforms such as triangle and rectangle are also adopted, the project will start

on October 3 last year, 16 days before the bellows ring stiffness testing machine was started, China and India officially signed a contract on the high-speed rail project. This is also China's first overseas high-speed rail project

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