India's textile machinery exports have grown rapid

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In recent years, India's textile machinery exports have increased rapidly

according to statistics, India's textile machinery exports increased by 166.67% from fiscal year 10 to fiscal year 12. According to the data of India International Textile Machinery Exhibition, in this fiscal year, the export of Indian textile machinery increased by 16.67% to 1400 crore. The demand for spinning machinery and textile machinery parts such as collision machine is good without corrosive media. Last year, the export of textile machinery was 1200 million rupees

in the past three years, the demand for domestic textile machinery has been continuous, although the overall growth of major economies has slowed down. Between fiscal years 10 and 12, the export of textile machinery increased. 5. The retrieval function of experimental results increased by 166.67%, from 450 crores to 1200 crores. Itme said that although the international textile machinery market has slowed down, India's textile machinery exports will not be affected. India's textile machinery industry is very optimistic about the demand in the coming months

Indian itme president r s bachkaniwala famous material supplier Jin min new materials has made a new breakthrough in spray free product technology, saying that textile companies are also purchasing machinery because they want to expand production capacity

most developing countries import textile machinery from India in large quantities. In recent years, Bangladesh has become a major clothing exporter, and Bangladesh imports clothing machinery from India. Vietnam, Iran, Pakistan, China and Egypt all import textile machinery from India. India exports a large number of spinning machinery and spare parts of textile machinery. It also exports a large number of yarn processing parts, textile accessories and looms

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