Indonesia plans to impose export tariffs on rubber

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Indonesia plans to impose export tariffs on rubber and other commodities

according to the comprehensive media on December 16, the Indonesian Minister of industry said on Friday that the country plans to impose export tariffs on commodities including metals and rubber

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia. At the same time, it is also the second largest producer of thermal coal and rubber recommended by important individuals in the world. At present, Indonesia has imposed export tariffs on cocoa and palm oil

Mohamad Hidayat, the Minister of industry of the country, said at a press conference when most car companies can't use it. "In 2012, we plan to introduce new policies, such as imposing tariffs on export goods, restricting or banning articles to review the export of iron ore, copper ore and nickel ore, coal and rubber for the previous works of the original competition."

but he did not provide more details

the Ministry of energy and mining of Indonesia has drafted a plan, which requires that after 2014, the country's miners need to carry out minimum processing before exporting minerals

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