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Build a world-class chip industrial park of 10000 mu, and Optical Valley invites integrated circuit "circle of friends" to jointly create China chip

China Optical Valley welcomes another grand event in the development of integrated circuit industry. On May 19, Wuhan East Lake high tech Zone held the "2018 China Optics Valley integrated circuit investment cooperation and exchange meeting" in Shanghai. More than 40 well-known integrated circuit enterprises at home and abroad, including Changjiang storage, core microelectronics and application materials, attended the meeting to discuss the development prospect of "China core"

according to the relevant person in charge of the Management Committee of East Lake high tech Zone, Optics Valley will rely on the national memory base project to build an integrated circuit industrial park covering an area of 10000 mu in Wuhan future science and Technology City, and open up the upper and lower levels. (2) sometimes in order to reduce the weight, it also adopts non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and special metals; Tour the industrial chain to form a national integrated circuit industrial cluster that participates in world competition; "Ten articles of Optics Valley integrated circuit industry" will be issued to promote the development of integrated circuits in an all-round way

it is reported that in addition to accommodating the Yangtze River storage phase III construction project, the Optics Valley integrated circuit Industrial Park will also build a series of heavy supporting projects, such as the national advanced storage industry innovation center, semiconductor equipment base, packaging and testing base, integrated circuit design Industrial Park, Hubei integrated circuit industry Research Institute, Wuhan ICC center, International Institute of microelectronics, integrated circuit application industrialization base, storage chip controller and module base. In order to gather world-class enterprises and attract high-end talents, the international community of the integrated circuit Industrial Park is also planning synchronously to finally realize the "integration of industry and city ecology"

"Optics Valley has gathered a number of integrated circuit design and manufacturing enterprises, such as Changjiang storage, Wuhan Xinxin core, Huawei Hisilicon optoelectronics, and so on. It has excellent industrial environment and policy advantages. We welcome national integrated circuit enterprises to come to Optics Valley to work together to build 'China core'. People are worried that the performance of fiber composite polymers will be damaged after long-term exposure to ultraviolet light." Liuziqing, director of the Management Committee of the East Lake high tech Zone, issued invitations to entrepreneurs at the meeting. He said that Optics Valley has formulated a two-step development strategy. Focusing on accelerating the development of integrated circuit industry with strict rules, the end of the "13th five year plan" attracted wide attention from the society, and promoted the total revenue of optoelectronic information industry of Optics Valley to break the trillion yuan mark. By the end of the "fourteenth five year plan", it had built a globally influential optoelectronic information industry innovation and entrepreneurship center, which had a greater say in the formulation of international industrial standards and achieved leadership in many core key technology fields

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