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Breaking the foreign technology monopoly XCMG wrote the national infrastructure legend breaking the foreign technology monopoly XCMG wrote the national infrastructure legend China Construction Machinery Information in 2002, at the construction site of the Qinghai Tibet Railway in full swing, a domestic rotary drilling machine appeared a little isolated among many foreign brands. This is the first time that domestic rotary drilling rigs have participated in major domestic projects. Since then, it has opened the prelude to the competition between domestic rotary drilling rigs and foreign equipment

the only horizontal directional drilling rig production line in China

this khu2000 rotary drilling rig is from XCMG. Now, over the past ten years, the original nameless domestic brand has firmly occupied the first place in the domestic piling industry. In the infrastructure construction projects in the motherland and even the world, we can always see a touch of bright XCMG gold. During the five-year journey from warm plains to snow covered plateaus, from South America to Central Asia and Southeast Asia, XCMG has created another miracle in the field of basic engineering construction that this new module is about 20% lighter than the previous one, set new records one after another, and climbed one peak after another

XCMG xr280dii rotary drilling rig was constructed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

especially after 2011, in the context of high-speed rail projects, XCMG rotary drilling rig led the rotary drilling rig industry to expand to the industrial and civil construction of hard strata in the South with strong rock penetration capacity, and achieved a market share of more than 60% for large tonnage rotary drilling rigs above xr280, ranking first in the industry. From independent research and development, difficult start to comprehensive coverage of the southern market, East China, North China and northwest markets, XCMG has truly achieved the voice of some enterprises in the pile industry in studying the "two-step" production process

In March, 2010, six years ago, XCMG's Xuzhou XCMG Foundation Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "XCMG foundation") was established. As the only large-scale enterprise specialized in the development of foundation construction machinery in the industry, it brought great shock to the industry at the beginning of its establishment. The industry is optimistic and supportive about the prospects of basic companies. Naturally, there are also many doubts

At the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, China's construction machinery industry has experienced ups and downs. Since april2011, the construction machinery industry has experienced a cliff like decline for nearly 60 consecutive months. The industry has entered a cold winter. The unprecedented severe market environment and serious excess capacity have forced enterprises in the industry to the edge of the cliff facing losses or serious losses

XCMG foundation aerial view

"only bigger, not smaller; only faster, not slower; only stronger, not weaker". Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, put forward such requirements for XCMG foundation

with the strong support of XCMG group, XCMG's foundation has grown tenaciously and bucked the trend, achieving an average increase of more than 40% in operating revenue and profit for five consecutive years, and achieving the company's "12th Five Year Plan" one year ahead of schedule; The operating revenue increased from 230million yuan at the beginning of its establishment in 2010 to 2.33 billion yuan in 2014, a tenfold increase over the past five years. In 2015, the operating revenue was 2.05 billion yuan, and the profit increased by 8% year-on-year; The products have grown from 18 models in 2 categories at the beginning of its establishment to nearly 60 models in 4 categories at present. The market scope has expanded from piling and trenchless machinery to mining machinery and energy development. The "two drill" products have been the first in the domestic market share for four consecutive years with absolute advantages, and have become the undisputed first choice in the industry. Extruder is an important processing equipment brand

combine thermosetting and thermoplastic resin systems with finely chopped carbon fibers

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